Online Training

Online Training is available for anyone that wants a program from Evolution Sports Performance but cannot train in person at our facility.

Strength Training Programs

Individually designed strength programs based on the equipment that you have available to you and your goals. All programs are delivered via email with email links to all exercises. 1 video analysis of a strength exercise is included in with online programs

Speed, Agility, and Conditioning Programs

Programs for athletes to improve their speed, quickness, and get in better shape. All programs are delivered via email with email links to all exercises. 1 video analysis of sprinting technique or a specific drill is included with online programs

Nutrition Coaching

Virtual nutrition coaching and accountability to help establish good eating habits and reach your goals. This program involves weekly email check ins, feedback, and continuing education about good nutrition

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long is each program?

Programs are billed monthly and there is a 3 month commitment. Strength and speed programs are 4 weeks long, Virtual Nutrition is an ongoing monthly service.

2. How many days per week are the programs?

Both the strength and speed programs are 3 days/week

3. How is online training billed?

The above prices are billed monthly. All online programs have a 3 month commitment but the cost is not due up front.

4. What is the format of the programs?

The strength and speed programs are PDFs with videos linked to each exercise. Sets and reps are provided.

5. Does everyone receive the same program?

Programs may be similar but each one is individualized to the person's goals and equipment available

6. What support is available?

Email support is available for your assistance

7. What happens when a program is complete?

We will design a new phase that progresses on the previous one