Athlete Programs


Have you ever thought that if your or your athlete was a little bit faster or stronger they would be better at their sport?

You are not alone.

At Evolution Sports Performance in Easton, MA, our Sports Performance programs are designed to give athletes the tools they need to be successful in their sport.

Benefits of training include:

  • Running faster with good technique
  • Improved strength and power
  • Ability to change direction quicker
  • Better conditioning, stamina, and endurace
  • Becoming more resistant to injury

We work with athletes ages 8 and older to help them improve their performance. Our athletes train in small groups. Groups are capped at 10 athletes to ensure that our coaches can give every athlete the attention they need.

Each athlete also receives their own strength program after we perform our Movement Screen on them. This allows us to choose the appropriate exercises to get them the best results.

Our groups are divided by age so click below to see some training details about you or your child's group.

High School and College Athletes

Middle School Athletes

Ages 8-11