Private Training

Are you interested in training one on one with one of our certified coaches?

We offer private training in addition to our group classes.

Athlete Post Rehab Training

Often times there is a gap between when an athlete is ready to leave physical therapy but not to return to their sport. This period of post rehab training is essential for athletes to successfully and safely get back on the field, court, ice, etc.

Benefits of post rehab training include improved strength to decrease the risk of further injury and return to performance. Proper speed and agility training to regain speed, quickness, and good technique. Conditioning to get back into shape.

Private Fitness Training

If you are looking to train one on one with one of our coaches to meet your fitness goals, private training could be a great option for you. We can tailor our programs to meet your individual needs.

Individual Training for Golf

Are you a golfer that wants to improve their game? We offer private training programs designed to help your mobility, hit the ball further, develop core stability, reduce the risk of injury, and play the game more. All training would start with a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) assessment and programs will be based on you.

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