Junior Varsity

Middle School Athletes

The introduction of weight bearing exercises and more speed work to enhance performance.

As athletes become more serious, they build upon the basics learned in the youth program.

Junior Varsity athletes also are coached through the weight room to increase their strength and power. Each athlete receives their own program and only increases weight or difficulty when deemed appropriate by our coaches.

The Benefits of Training in the JV group are:

  • Running faster with good technique
  • Ability to change direction quickly
  • Improved conditioning, endurance, and stamina
  • Learning how to lift weights safely and effectively
  • Increased flexibility

This age is important for athletes to start building strength and working on their endurance. Typically, athletes succeed from performing fundamental movements until they cannot get it wrong. This is a stage where we can also develop a base level of conditioning. Normal guidelines are short duration work bouts with short duration rest periods.